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Dear fellow dancers,

As a way to help build a strong community we’ve decided to share with you some of our knowledge about Swing dancing.

Feel free to comment on our articles and videos.  We’ll be more than happy to discuss them with you.

We hope you’ll enjoy our content as much as we enjoy teaching it.

See you soon on the dance floors!

Patrick Szmidt and Natasha Ouimet


  1. Hi, I just absolutely love the videos you post from the performances at events to the class recaps. I can’t wait to get up to Montreal one of these days and dance with you both. I just wanted to ask if Nitasha in particular has any tips for follows to strengthen their core and relax their back. I’m trying to do more body roll drills and such, but I feel like my frame in dancing is held together by my lower back and it’s becoming harder to be loose while still maintaining a good connection. Thanks!

  2. jude says:

    Hi guys! I’ve just found your site through your excellent Big Apple steps videos on Youtube.
    Thanks SO MUCH!!! They’re (you’re!) really clear and precise, especially as I’ve just started learning it.

    When are you coming to bella Roma to check out our Lindy Hop circle here??????

    Un abbraccio

  3. Javi says:

    Desde Valencia (España)… Es increible lo que haceis!! asi como increible vuestra inicitiva con este BLOG. Gracias, ojalá hubiera más gente así.

    ¿Cuando venis a bailar por el Mediterraneo? 😉

    Un saludo y abrazos!!

  4. Peter Burr says:

    I am tremendously impressed with your website! Thanks so much for sharing all this excellent teaching with the community. Please suggest a meaningful way to express my gratitude to you.

    • Hi Peter,

      We’re really happy that you’re enjoying our instructional videos.

      A meaningful way to express your gratitude would be to spread the word 🙂
      It would also help with the Youtube ranking if you could comment and rate the videos on Youtube.

      However, you’ll find a Paypal donate button at the bottom of the right sidebar of the blog if you’d like to help us financially with this project.

      Take care,

      Patrick and Natasha

  5. babbala says:

    Hey you guys – thanks so much for posting your videos, it’s really really great to learn from you! I hope I can make it to one of your workshops one of these days. Thanks!

  6. Denny says:

    i can’t seem to find out how to buy your instructional dvd of the shim sham…..please let me buy it! LOL

  7. 'Artin says:

    Badass blog, you guys are awesome! 😀

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