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ILHC 2013 – Invitational Lindy Jack and Jill – Finals


September 3, 2013 by Patrick Szmidt


You can now download the videos of The International Lindy Hop Championships 2013 from our website.
Just right-click on the names above the video you'd like to download and select "save link as..."
Once you're done downloading, please consider supporting our hard work by following this Paypal link or by clicking the Donate button at the top of the right sidebar. Thanks.

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1st Thomas Blacharz & Frida Segerdahl

2nd Skye Humphries & Ramona Staffeld

3rd Kevin St.Laurent & Isabella Gregorio

4th Todd Yannacone & Sarah Breck

5th Mikey Pedroza & Laura Keat

6th Pontus Persson & Alice Mei

7th Remy Kouakou Kouame & Jo Hoffberg

8th Dax Hock & Laura Glaess

9th Nick Williams & Naomi Uyama

10th Max Pitruzella & Sharon Davis

11th Peter Strom & Mia Goldsmith

12th Andy Reid & Annie Trudeau

13th Juan Villafane & Moe Sakan

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