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ILHC 2011 – Team Division


August 30, 2011 by Patrick Szmidt

1st Place – Swinging Air Force (Montreal, Canada)

2nd Place – Swing Connexion (Montreal, Canada)

3rd Place – Ninjammerz (Montreal, Canada & France)

4th Place – Lindy Hoppers Dozen (Austin, USA)

5th Place – The Fly Rights – Man From Mars (Orange County, USA)

6th Place – Rainier Swing (Seattle, USA)

7th Place – The Fly Rights – Carioca (Orange County, USA)

8th Place – Sweet Heart (Seoul, South Korea)

9th Place – Rockefeller Riot (New York City, USA)

10th Place – Groove Juice Special (New Mexico, USA)

11th Place – Houston Hepcats (Houston, USA)


  1. Kenny says:

    Groove Juice Special is based out of New Mexico

  2. Celina says:

    Thanks for posting these! The two Fly Rights routines are mixed up though. Man From Mars got 5th, Carioca got 7th. (Fly Rights 2 was Carioca)

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