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ILHC 2010 – Invitational Jack and Jill Lindy Hop Division


August 24, 2010 by Patrick Szmidt

By dance order :

Mickey Pedroza & Mia Goldsmith

Max Pitruzzella & Nikki Marvin

Nick Williams & Marie Mattsson

Kevin St. Laurent & Alice Mei

Jeremy Otth & Carla Heiney

Peter Strom & Laura Glaess

Andy Reid & Bethany Powell

Stefan Durham & Jo Hoffberg

Skye Humphries & Laura Keat

Shesha Marvin & Naomi Uyama

Todd Yannacone & Annie Trudeau

Final All Skate

And the winners are…


  1. David says:

    Amazing blog and nice work on getting those videos up so quickly.
    Do you know where I can find a list of results for ILHC 2010?

  2. Nalla Kim says:

    🙂 Can’t wait for watching Invitational JnJ~!!!!
    Thank you Patrick & Natasha~!!

    Nalla (Seoul, Korea)

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